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Significal: verschiedene Kalender und Termine zentral verwalten

Significal: verschiedene Kalender und Termine zentral verwalten. Chaos im Terminkalender weil man zu viele verschiedene Dinge nutzt? Dann hilft vielleicht das Tool Significal. Wake up your Calendar meint die Homepage von Significal. Im Video findet ihr eine Beschreibung wofür der Dienst gut ist und ob das auch etwas für euch wäre. Der Service ist in zwei Sprachen verfügbar – Englisch und Hebrew.

So beschreibt sich der Dienst Significal selbst:

Significal is a new innovative solution that enables smart and simple time management. We at Significal believe that while using electronic calendars as your time management platform, you should have additional tools in order dramatically improve the way you previously managed your life.


So how do we really wake up your calendar? Well, it is very simple – in just three stages:

* Search for your preferred events stream from all over the web
* Import all/some or only one of them to your calendar – one click away
* Interact directly with the events stream itself (register/order tickets/read more info and more), you can also invite or post it to your social community on twitter and facebook

Significal complies with the highest security and privacy standards. We work on top of your calendar as an additional layer and not from within the calendar. Using Significal enables you to fully control the data shown on your calendar so you can stay in control and be focussed at all times. Significal was created by a team of enthusiastic people seeking to make time management straightforward. Our mission is to give the best experience possible and to continue developing ideas that will give added value to the community.

Hier geht`s zu Significal.

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